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adidas jacket
Respray my current bass
new guitar strap
new strings for my bass
new knob for my bass
design on the bass body
a FENDER bass
dye hair
more new clothes
adidas watch
paint job for my room
contact lens
lose weight
new soccer boots
a new phone(7610/V3)

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

im just feeling very fucked up today thanks to someone.
dun wish to say the name.
he/she knows wad had done wrong.
supposedly to go out for an outing today.
but it was cancel.
so i contacted jj and steven.
met them up at yishun mrt @ 4pm.
went to raffles city to had our lunch.
den we headed down to marina square.
played lan for 2hrs.
and de most best part is im only charged $0.90 for de 2hrs.
whilst both of them need to pay $3.20.
i was like wondering how come mine was so cheap.
so i just paid and we head off.
den had dinner at BK.
went over to meet weiwei.
chatted a while den we head off to Esplanade to watch de hiphop performance there.
im into hiphop for ur info.
only im keeping it low profiled.
im also learning hip-hop/breakdancing.
learn it for free.
lots of chicks there.
managed to get some girls no..
hm sweet hm afer dat.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

im just gonna miss all the Ambassadors from now.gonna miss my brother Dusty and Cuz Mike..not forgetting de rest of de team.they are like flying back to USA.back to their homeland..hope they will be back again. sigh.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I would like to wish lots of ppl dis 3 days.
happy birthday to me firstly [25 july]
happy birthday to Joyce and my gf [26 july]
happy birthday to my grandma and uncle [27 july]

basically i would like to thanks all those who had wishes me and gave me presents.
im really touched for dat.
and i would really wanna thanks my beloved godsis, Jas.
thanks for de surprised u gave me on my birthday.
i was really shocked and lost of words on dat day.
really appreciate it.

went to sch as always
was late once again.
i dunno wads wrong wif me dis new sem.
issit lack of slp or wad?
dats de qn.
skipped de first lesson which is PE.
went to TM to eat.
den went playing bowling back at Tampines Safra.
we got like 3hrs of break.
went back to class @ 1pm
ends @ 4pm.
headed back hm.
change and went out again
went out jamming wif my band.
jam from 7pm-9pm
got a sms saying they will be late.
so i waited for jas.
jas was waiting for de rest at ocbc.
but they took a cab straight to Lee.
so i called her to come herself.
met up wif her den head to Lee.
play and sing all de way.
i and jas was like losing our voice.
hope to get my voice back.
after jamming we head straight back hm
i send jas back hm den took a cab hm from there.
tmr will be another day in sch and training after dat.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

urgh!! i've receive enough complaints from my frens.
kept pestering me to update my plain boring blog.
i noe its more den 2mths since i last updated.
i've been busy working and now SCHOOLING.
holidays is over for me.
had been going out for de past 2 days.

P/s: On behalf of de band,i would like to thanks all those who came down and support us during de gigs!

23 July 2006

did not manage to sleep well last nite.
was like tossing and turning on my bed.
in de end i end up playing my PS2.
left early in de morning to khatib.
was having a soccer friendly match there.
ends at abt 11 and i went straight hm.
reached hm bath and change.
was supposed to meet up wif Iqbal @ 1pm
but due to some changes,i headed to City Hall first.
need to repair my bass.
need to change my knob and my jack port.
my knob is totally broken and i need to change de whole port.
spend $40 just to repair my bass.
but its worth it.
met up wif Iqbal at Somerset mrt @ 2pm.
den we headed to Heeren for de Tapestry gig.
de rest of our bandmates were already there.
Report in and wait for our turn.
lots of frens turn up for de gig.
it was a good turn out.
overall de performance was great.
den we packed our equipment back into de van.
went Cine to eat our lunch.
den Evelyn wanna eat ice cream.
so we headed to Swensens.
de manager there was freaking funny.
he was like asking us "table for how many?"
den i replied "10 pls."
he said "O...k..,u hold on"
den we overheard his saying on de walkie talkie...
"walaoweh.why today got so many weird ppls? now is table for 10"
all of us were like laughing our ass out man.
den we got into 2 separate table (6ppl + 4ppl)
make our order.
i and Is ordered Fish & Chips while de rest ordered ice cream only.
took loads of photos there.
after Swensens we headed back to our van
we headed to Bishan to put our equipments back at de studio.
waited for Ah Foo there.
he only came at 7.30pm.
we reached there at 7pm.
so we makes loads of craps there.
took photos too.
den we headed to Thomson de LongHouse there to EAT... AGAIN!
yeah i noe wad u'll are thinking now.
met up back with Is.
den we headed to BabyFace @ One Fullerton.
Evelyn give de suggestion to go for a drink and chill out.
went there and chill out.
bought some drinks and played "I have never..." game.
its so cool and fun.
chill till abt 11+pm den left de place.
took loads of pics again outside de place.
Is send me and Iqbal back to sembawang.
its a cool day man!

22 july 2006

met up wif my bandmates at sembawang.
adwin drove a van.he met up wif Sky and they went to fetch Ernest at punggol.
den they came to fetch me and Iqbal in sembawang.
went to jurong for a soundcheck.
den rushed down to DXO for another soundcheck.
we were like rushing here and there for soundcheck.
den de slot @ DXO is at 7pm whilst at jurong is at 8pm!
de crowd at DXO was great and de equipments were great too.
den we packed up our stuff right after de performance and head to Jurong for de next gig.
de crowd was OK...but we had loads of fun.
Infinite Sound was already there.they are a great band.
but de sound quality and de equipment provided just SUCKS!
from our point of view.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

hey ya peeps
sorry for not updating my blog for almost A MONTH!
been very busy lately wif my attachment.
had to work for 10hrs per day.
and need to work for 6 days a week.
there's dis rule of de company stating
even on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS we need to work.
so we can only take off days on WEEKDAYS.
but i haf no choice but to WORK and pass my attachment.
de pay is VERY good.
and de job given to me is damn slack.
although its not related to the course im taking now.
Information Technology.
there's no link between de task they gaf to me and de course im studying.
im just awaiting for de teacher in charge to come down to visit.
im damn freaking shagged after work now.
guess dats all.

P.S: sorry dear dat i cant spend so much time wif u dis days.really miss those times! =(

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

this update will be a VERY short one.
u'll must be wondering why i've not been updating for a few weeks eh?
basically,the reason is so clear.
i've been busy working my ass off to earn money!
i cant stopped working coz i've got lots of stuff to buy wif my pay.
but i cant spend it all on my own.
i still need to gif some of it to my parents,of course!
its always a MUST for children to gif parts of their earnings to their parents rite?
its not im beingg force to give them but as a responsible and matured way.
one more thing is..my time is REVERSED!
when its morning or afternoon(when there's sun),i'll be sleeping.
and when its night i'll be totally awake.
i dunno why this suddenly happen to me.
is there any reasons behind this nature?
im not sure.
im turning nocturnal.
i think is because of going to much clubbing.
im gonna cut down of my time going clubbing too often
im going to be BROKE!
that's all for now!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

updates as always!

5th april 2006
stayed at hm the whole day today.this is the first time i become so good that i managed to stay at hm the whole day today and never stepped out of my hse.spend my time cleaning the mess in my room.it will be a busy week for me this whole week till after the speech day on 8th of this month.so i gtg for now!

4th april 2006

able to wake up late finally.woke up abt 1+pm after receiving a call from one of my fren for nth.went to bath and change b4 heading down again to opss.took a cab down after realising it was raining heavily.reached opss abt 3pm.i then only realised the full dress rehearsal starts at 4+pm.but due to the heavy downpour it was being delayed.delayed till abt 6+pm.the whole thing ended at abt 8+pm.as always went hm wif the same group of ppl.sleep once i reached hm!

3rd april 2006
woke up early in the morning.need to accompany one of my collegue to tanjong pagar to make her working permit.meet up wif her at abt 9.30am at our outlet.den went straight there.reached there and found out there's alot of ppl.so it took abt 1hr+ in there.den we headed straight back to yishun to eat.reached back abt 12+pm.we met up wif steven den we headed to kfc to eat.abt 2+pm i went back to opss for technical rehearsal for speech day.and im the ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER!!!.ends at abt 7+pm den took 811 wif sujun,cheryl and bx.alighted at interchange den took 859 wif sujun and went hm.tired!


2 april 2006

did nothing much on this very day.woke up very late coz of the ton-ing.which lacked of sleep.went out to my cousin hse to haf some family meeting.starts at abt 3 and ends abt 5pm.den after that i went to play some bball wif nick,JJ and steven at 850.played till abt 7+pm den i went home.bathe and went to sleep!

31 april 2006/1 april 2006
woke up early in the morning and went to KT hse to put the marinated chicken wing at his hse.slack there till abt 1230pm.i headed down to opss and met up wif cheryl.accompanied her home coz she need to change and bring her stuff for our bbq and ton-ing at pasir ris.we headed down back to yishun and met up wif KT,colin and JJ.took 39 to pasir ris and we went shopping for our bbq stuff.we was like spending abt 30mins++ at NTUC shopping.den i realised dat i've not brought my towel!!! so we walk around whitesands to find a towel.i finally saw a towel.so i quickly just picked up one towel and went straight to the counter to pay. den i realised that the towel itself cost $6.90.so i just bought it.it was from tom&stefanie.den we went down to downtown east and find our bbq pit at pasir ris park.KT booked the pit at area 2.coz he say there's more ppl and things to do.when we went there,it was like DAMN QUIET la!and not much movement.so we built up out tent and just nice HEAVY RAIN came pouring down! Minqi,nick and wellx came just nice b4 the rain.all of us sat inside the tent but water kept dripping into the tent.so i and colin went out of the tent and try to fix the problem.de scenery was damn nice la.the wind is damn strong dat our metal thing which placed the tent into the ground came off.luckily there's ppl inside or else the tent would be blown off.we only started our bbq at abt 8++pm after the rain had stopped.stayed up the whole night den went off at abt 7+am.packed up and left the area.me,cheryl,minqi and nick headed to mac at downtown east for breakfast whilst the rest headed home.i was damn pissed off from that moment onwards.but that will not spoilt my day.after breakfast we took a bus from pasir ris interchange to bishan interchange.all of us fell asleep in the bus.my vball ball was wif nick.den wen we woke up we realised dat the ball is MISSING!!!i was like wtf? coz the ball is not mine but one of my godsis.den minqi went to find the ball but couldn't find.so we were like waiting to reach our designated stops and asked the driver.den she was like point to the ball she put aside.we were told that the ball roll from the back sitting where we were sitting to the front door.den one of the passenger picked it up and put near the front door.i would liek to THANK that very passenger.bu i dunno who.our purpose of going to J8 is to take neoprint but in the end never.we just went to the kopitiam to grab a drink den walked around before heading home.Cheryl alighted at YCK den nick and minqi came over to my hse to watch movie.Minqi wanna watch some horror movie i haf.so we watched it on my computer.i and nick fell asleep halfway while minqi makes so much noise watching the show which distract my sleep!den they headed home after the movie while i went to sleep the whole day!

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